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Training options:
  • Individual Training
  • Small Group Weekend Intensives & Master Classes
Why Practice Yoga?
Yoga addresses the whole body from the inside out. It works the parts of the body that you see, as well as the parts you can’t see. With regular practice, you will experience:
  • added strength and stability
  • increased vitality and enthusiasm for life 
  • renewed sense of purpose and overall mental clarity

Yoga classes with Jessica are challenging, thoughtful, and fun. Most students start feeling positive effects after just one class! Other benefits may include accelerated weight loss, improved balance, help with insomnia and anxiety, increased concentration, and a deeper connection to life. 
Individual Training
​​​Before your First Class:
If it's your first time to train with Jessica, you will need a reservation, so
please make an appointment.
(call 861-0003 or email jdepew @goldentriangleyoga.com)
Group class meets once/per week on Wednesdays @11a Satya Rising Studio in Beaumont.
Individual training sessions are also by appointment, usually at a recurring time each week.  
Group class sizes are limited to 8-10 students.  
First timers, please arrive 10 minutes early for a brief new student orientation. Try to avoid eating a heavy meal within 2 hours of your first class. Drink plenty of water throughout your day and be well hydrated.  
Wear clothing you are comfortable moving in.  Clothing should be form-fitting, but not tight. 
Yoga mats are available for purchase. Filtered water is available if you bring your own water bottle.
Everyone in class needs:
  • a yoga mat (provided for first class; available for rent or purchase thereafter) 
  • a yoga block (provided)
  • eye pillow (available for purchase)
  • meditation cushion or blanket (provided)
  • $ to purchase your class
Yoga Teacher Training
​School Policies:
All class passes and memberships are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and cannot be frozen. We accept all major credit cards. Students under 18 must have an adult accompany them for their first class and are admitted at Jessica's discretion.
We are not responsible for your valuables.
All students must sign a waiver of general health, and are admitted at Jessica's discretion. 
All appointments will cease up to four weeks out of the year for major holidays, select events, staff training, as well as for routine maintenance and personal upgrades.
Schedules and prices are subject to change without notice.
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Yoga as a Lifestyle
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