Mastery Program~ Yoga Teacher Training
Modular Curriculum
Our Yoga Alliance® 200-hour yoga teacher training is grouped into five modules or kramas.  Krama is a sanskrit word meaning "sacred stage." Each module is a combination of workshop hours and homework assignments.  It is recommended that you move through the modules consecutively, but you can also take each module as stand-alone study. For example, start your training with krama 3 "Vichara~Understanding Consciousness" module or with Asana Immersion Weekends, and then continue your training from there. It generally takes most students 1-2 years to complete the program.   
Note: for hours to count toward 200hr certification, you must be enrolled in the Teacher Training/Master's Path Program and all tuition must be paid in full.  
Krama 1- Rasa/Intro to Mind-Body Dynamics 
Workshop-  Ayurveda: The Science of Life 
Workshop-  Meditation: Cultivating a Still Mind
Homework- Pranayama Paper 
Homework- Home Practice Journal
Krama 2—Annamaya/ Understanding the Body
Workshop- Anatomy of Yoga: Exploring Human Form
Workshop- Asana Immersion 1-3 :Mechanics of Movement 
Homework- Asana Manual
Classroom Hours-General Class Attendance,
     150 hours completed
Note: a minimum of 40 classroom hours must be with Jessica in Fannett.  Additional classroom hours can be attended in other approved formats/locations.  Approval for off-site class hours must be obtained in advance.  
Krama 3—Vichara/Understanding Consciousness
Workshop-  The Four Desires: Fulfillment & Freedom 
Workshop-  Yoga Psychology: Understainding Consciousness 
Homework- Yoga Sutras Paper & Dharma Code Submission
Krama 4—Karuna/Living Yoga
Workshop-  The Art of Teaching
Workshop-  Practicum: The Seat of the Teacher
Homework- Lesson Plans 
Homework- Research Project Paper & Presentation
Krama 5—Karma/ Yoga in Action
Seva : 20 hours required
(Note that you are required to receive pre-approval from Jessica for seva. Please provide completed seva information for your records)
Student Teaching: 20 hours required- 10 non-contact, 10 contact
Each class taught is 1 hour of time. 
Contact time is as follows: 0.25 hrs for assist, 0.5 hrs for team teach, 1 hr for solo teach.
Note that you are required to receive preapproval from Jessica for classes taught outside of GTY.  Please provide teaching information and related documentation (sign-in sheets, student evaluations) to Jessica for your official records. 
For tuition and admission interview call: 409-861-0003

Teacher Training